Miniature story from the Fimo package till the door

We show you the process of creating and replicating a sculpture, everything that happens behind closed doors, until the new sculpture hits the store and you will see a release notification in your mail, and further, after receiving your order.

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  • Graham Pulsford 

    Very good figures indeed. These fit in neatly with other figures that I have for the Saxon/Norman era.

    The solo ‘marker’ SAGA figure is even better and useful for numerous scenarios!

  • Michael Johnson

    Superb, dynamic figures, conveying the muscularity and ferocity of frenzied Ancient German Berserks and Ulfhednar. Very well done indeed, beautifully sculpted and anatomically well proportioned. 

  • Andrew Scouten

    Great figures, perfectly casted and look excellent on the table. I'm a big fan of the bandit looking fellow carrying the AK style rifle and sawed off double barrel shotgun. Crispest castings of resin I have ever received, bar none. Thanks to Vinni and crew, all the best. 

  • Santiago

    A great set of figures that came out as a clean cast. I'm quite happy with my order. 

  • Jeremy Rose

    Always a quality item from these guys!!... I have been buying from them for a few years now and get excellent service and minis every time. 

  • Jay Ruggiero

    They are the nicest 28mm sculpts I've seen. Iam very happy with dealing with your business 

  • James Yap

    Excellent quality, and well produced product! Very fast delivery!

    Not my first item from your company, and certainly not the last!

  • Paul Brown

    I am very pleased with the products and will always keep an eye on what new from Brother Vinni 

  • Franta Macek 

    With whole order i´m completely happy. Lot of detail and fast delivery. No problem at all. i give it 5/5 starts. 

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  • Igor. Chief sculptor, ideologist and technologist of Brother-Vinni.

    "I pay a lot of attention to miniature anatomy and poses. And a little bit crazy in the quantity and quality of details, but this is exactly why our clients love us".

  • Natalya. Accounting, SEO, logistics, participation in exhibitions and so on.

    "We are constantly working to make shopping in our store easier and more enjoyable, parcels are sent as quickly as possible and you come back again and recommend us to your friends".


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