Your customers are asking for something new,
are not satisfied with the quality of castings from large manufacturers,
and you are afraid that cooperation with a small company is unreliable and will entail a lot of additional work?

We understand your concerns, so..

Brother-Vinni fans and highest quality of casting

  • Brother-Vinni has been on the market for more than 15 years and has won its loyal fans around the world
  • Each of our clients notes the highest quality of casting

Ready to sale wargame miniatures

  • We issue an invoice for payment only after preparing order for shipment
  • You receive miniatures ready for sale: packaged, with articles and codes
  • You

    You mark the number of figures in the prepared table.

  • We

    We confirm the order, warn about the lead time, cast, pack, pack, inform you about readiness, send you an invoice and order with a tracking number.

  • You

    You open the box and place the figures on the shelves.



Wholesale order begins from 300$.

Please, check our pricelist, discount depends on order size.

Order processing time

Order processing time depends on the volume and how long it takes us to cast your order.

We will inform you about the timing after confirming the order.

Having finished casting, we will send you confirmation of readiness for shipment and an invoice for payment.

Payment methods

We accept payments on bank account or via PayPal and stripe.


We are a VAT payer.
Please dont forgot to notify us to reduce your costs.


We deliver orders all over the world.

Immediately upon dispatch, we will send you a tracking number.

Delivery of the order will take from several days to 3 weeks.
However, most orders are delivered within 5 - 10 days.

Shipping and delivery times are estimates provided by our shipping providers and are subject to delays.

‌Are you ready to cooperate or have any questions? We will get back within 2 business day.