Passion and Story

I have been passionate about creating miniatures since childhood. Like many, I made little men out of wire, dug clay from quarries, learned to melt aluminum at home in spoons (thanks to my parents for their patience), then discovered fimo, silicone molds and experimented with casting metal figures.
My first customers, about 15 years ago, received exactly these figures.
Then there was a huge growling pump and resin casting and (thanks to my wife, who did not tolerate this and sent me out to look for premises) this is how our studio Brother-Vinni miniatures began.

Hobby and time with friends

  • We believe in the importance of preserving handcrafted sculpture techniques.
  • We believe in the importance of analog things in our virtual world.
  • And in the time that we can devote to our hobby of creating dioramas or coloring ad spending time personally with friends.

Values and Future

We have been making miniatures for wargames for 15 years. And every year we have more and more plans what we want to create.

We believe in the importance of preserving handcrafted sculpture techniques but with great enthusiasm experiment with new 3D printing technologies.

Dynamic poses, perfect details and flawless casting always were our obsession.

We are inspired by historical events, heroic characters and beautiful women and this source will never dry up.


We're excited about the future and thank you, guys, for sharing our passion and supporting us!

  • Igor

    Chief sculptor, ideologist and technologist of Brother-Vinni.

    «Sculpture has been my passion since childhood and I am very grateful to you guys, that you appreciate my work, purchase miniatures and give me the opportunity to do what I love. 

    Thank you guys».

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  • Natalya

    Accounting, SEO, logistics, participation in exhibitions and so on.

    «My real superpower is makes our team work faster and better.
    Secret of superpower? Im kettlebells training fan.
    In free from BV time I am ink and tattoo artist».

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  • Boris

    labels nails.

    Boris is also learning to collect orders and go to the post office, generally he does it only for the extra time on tablet, but what to do, we believe in the workshop model of learning

We tell more about wargames events and studio life on our blog

There we also share useful tips for beginning wargamers, some secrets of creating miniatures and painting. 

Our wargame miniatures are ready rush into the battle or win a victory in an painting competition for you!

Check our store, we create best tabletop miniatures for painting and collection!

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