Wargame miniatures sculptor

Despite their small size, creating game miniatures requires special skills:

  • understanding industry sizing standards
  • knowledge of anatomical proportions are distorted to make a figure look good on the field
  • the ability to create a dynamic pose while maintaining stability
  • attention to detail and ability to convey it

    We can create miniatures for you that will bring your ideas to life.
  • You

    You prepare materials that can be used in work: description, photos, examples of figures, references.

  • We

    The sculptor begins work after he clearly understands your idea.
    The master model is sculpted from fimo, by hand.

  • Result

    Upon completion of the work, you receive a master model and 5 resin copies, also we can provide consignment casting for a special price of 2 euros / piece.

* Please contact us before starting work.
We make almost all topics, but it is better to clarify before research material.

  • Exclusive rights of the customer

    350 euros for a 28 mm miniature, depending on the complexity.

    You will receive a master model and 5 resin copies.

  • Shared rights (we can sell copies)

    150 euros per figure.

    You will receives 5 castings of the best quality (the first castings from the mold).

* In both case, if necessary, we can top it up at the price 2 euros/piece, also depends on the complexity of the model.

  • Master model

  • Ready 5 copies


Preferred topics

Girls, history, fantasy, sci-fi.
A lot, really)
Lets discuss!

Sculpting time

Sculpting time depends on the difficulties of work and provided material.

Regularry it take up to 10 business day.

Payment methods

We accept payments on bank account or via PayPal and stripe.


We deliver orders all over the world.

Immediately upon dispatch, we will send you a tracking number.

Delivery of the order will take from several days to 3 weeks.
However, most orders are delivered within 5 - 10 days.

Shipping and delivery times are estimates provided by our shipping providers and are subject to delays.

‌Are you ready to cooperate or have any questions? We will get back within 2 business day.