Dungeon Sisters

First, an apology.

Guys, we seriously screwed up with this project.

We offer you our deepest apologies.

I'm preparing a long article with photos and updates. 
It will be released before the end of April.

But in short:

Now for the good news.
We have three figures to finish and we will be send out Christmas gifts.

It was big, ambitious project that we were determined to do (and almost did), but it took several years.

We really apologize for the long implementation time.

Be that as it may, we are now sending parcels within 3 days and working more intensively than ever.

Want to know how the project is going? Sign up for updates, we make a public promise that you will receive your orders by Christmas.

Thank you for continuing to support us.

In any case, the level of miniatures now cannot be compared with what we did a few years ago)

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Any luck?


30th April, will the explanation blog post be coming soon?


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